Top 10 Links of the Week

10) Remove Your Sea­sonal Items to Make More Space | The Every­day Minimalist

If you don’t have a closet of a movie star or celebrity, but a small, per­haps oddly shaped on, the best thing to do is remove your sea­sonal items.

9) I’m Never Using the Five Let­ter “b” Word Again | thes​im​pler​life​.net

The next time you find your­self being bored, try one of the fol­low­ing activ­i­ties or make up one of your own.

8) Tap­ping into the Power of Val­ues to Sim­plify Your Life | Becom­ing Minimalist

There is no ulti­mate and ideal Sim­ple Life that exists as some per­fect stan­dard. There is only The Sim­pler Life that we make for our­selves — one deci­sion at a time.

7) The Lost Art of Quit­ting | the mid­dle fin­ger project

Integrity will be capped off at some point, if we aren’t liv­ing an hon­est ver­sion of the life we aspire to have.  Hyp­ocrites don’t make the best integri­tists.

6) The No. 1 Habit of Highly Cre­ative Peo­ple | ZenHabits

I picked a hand­ful of cre­atives, almost at ran­dom — there are so many that pick­ing the best would be impos­si­ble, so I just picked some that I admire, who came to mind when I thought of the word “cre­ative”.

5) How to Save $100 in 30 Min­utes and Be Hap­pier | The Min­i­mal­ist Path

This week is RUNNING WEEK at TMP to cel­e­brate the launch of Run­ning­Some­where, my new run­ning site to help you to…GET UPGET OUTRUN SOME.

4) 5 Lies You Tell Your­self That Keep You Spend­ing | The Every­day Minimalist

It is when you are in the store, buy­ing on impulse and try­ing to jus­tify it with your spaving logic, that is the prob­lem.

3) How to Stock a Min­i­mal­ist Pantry | Stone Soup

I thought I’d have a crack at pulling together a list of the essen­tials and the nice-​​to-​​haves for stock­ing a min­i­mal­ist pantry.

2) Moti­va­tion Tips for Slack­ers | Unclutterer

As a for­mer pro­cras­ti­na­tor who has under­gone a trans­for­ma­tion into a tidy min­i­mal­ist, I’d like to offer some com­pas­sion­ate, but straight­for­ward, advice:

1) 7 Ways to Unload the Unnec­es­sary | San­ity in Simplicity

We sold the house and are mov­ing into a one bed­room apartment…So in honor of get­ting rid of stuff, here’s a list of my favorite ways to pare down.

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